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An email from a friend – Dorothy Baird

Hi folks,

Sorry it’s not a personal email, but just wanted to let you know about the teenagers’ poetry installation that I’ve been working with in case you’d like to go and have a look at it..

It’s on in the Edinburgh Central Libray (Mezzanine) for five weeks from now until Friday 27th April and has been funded by the Young Scot Creative Enterprise fun

Called ‘A Room with Our View’ , the group, the Young Edinburgh Writers, has set up a bedroom in the library (furniture from Freecycle..) – with poetry handwritten on to as many objects as they could manage in the time we had.. So there’s poems about sleep written on the duvet, one about time written on the clock; a couple about reflections on the mirror – a lovely one about a red rug with a touch of the blues, even a tiny one about a mobile written on the back of the phone..

A bit like Tracy Emin’s bed – but hey, there’s poetry as well!

If you’re passing, do go and have a look..

Hoping this finds you well.

Very best wishes,



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