Musselburgh Hot Pot April

April 1, 2012
7:30 pmto10:00 pm

1 April

Stagg’s (Volunteer Arms), behind the Brunton Theatre, N. High Street, Musselburgh

Critical imagination failure alert here as I copy word for word my e-mail message! Hello, yes well obviously if I say it’s an April Fool’s Day Hotpot you will all expect to turn up and find either that it’s not on at all or else I’ll have disguised it as a cross dressing Crufts fire eating morris dance extravaganza. And you’d be right. Ha! April Fool! No, in fact it’ll be another ladle full of Musselburgh’s own open floor accoustic performance hingmy, where you can arrive at Stagg’s at 7.30, saunter through to the back room and put your name down to get up (or up to get down) in front of a warm, soothing night nurse of an audience, who’ll clutch you to their figurative collective bosom, as you give it a shot with your song, poem, story, tune, robotic dance, mass hypnosis display etc., all of which will kick off at 8pm. Or indeed you can just come along to be part of that collective bosom. Or night nurse. An entirely voluntary £1 will open the door to pleasures beyond human comprehension. And you won’t be offered that right often of a Sunday evening. Lots of love, Stephen xxxx

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